Which style of kitchen works for you?

Kitchens are the “heart of the home”, a space that everyone in the family uses, a household necessity and where through the creation of delicious healthy food we nurture our body and minds.

When people decide to create a new kitchen they can be daunted by the huge choice available along with deciding what will work within their homes.READ MORE

Energy Saving and Efficient Dishwashers

Energy Saving and Efficient Dishwashers

Today’s dishwashers are efficient, space friendly and visually pleasing.  They save energy and time, plus result in a more thorough clean than washing by hand.  Once people have owned a dishwasher and enjoyed the benefits they never want to go back to being without one.

Dishwashers are now seen as an essential household appliance.  For busy families they are used every day saving valuable time and helping to keep the kitchen clear from dirty dishes.READ MORE

Monochrome Kitchens

Monochrome designs are based on using tones of black, white and grey or shades of one colour.  Implementing a monochrome design into a kitchen will automatically create an impact.  For a pop of colour introduce a bold accent in yellow, green, red or aqua blue.

This design will work in any home from a period property with a traditional shaker kitchen, to an apartment with an edgy industrial kitchen.  Contemporary or classic monochrome kitchens provide a fresh and inviting space.READ MORE

Spring Clean your Kitchen with inspirational storage

Creating a clutter free kitchen not only opens up the space and provides more work surface to prepare food but also gives your kitchen the wow factor.

Inspirational storage solutions will help you organise and tidy your kitchen allowing you to find everything easily without having to wade through the clutter.READ MORE

Range cookers – timeless classic

A timeless classic is something that will last the test of time in both functionality and design.  Now, more than ever people are making decisions to buy the best they can so that they get the mileage out of their longer term investment. 

We are often led by the heart and not the head when making purchase decisions.  Planning a kitchen design requires both.  It is the heart of the home where everyone gathers but also requires a logical process.  Ascertaining how it will be used, the space needed and what key appliances should be included to make life easier.

Buying a classic range cooker for a new kitchen is a big decision.  It can create the focal point to a kitchen design but importantly it is something people will get so much value and enjoyment from.  They offer such a wide range of functionality for the busy family or enthusiastic cooks.


Let your Kitchen take centre stage

Kitchens naturally receive a lot of attention as the central hub of our homes.  The desire for a stylish open and inclusive space is on most of our wish lists.

Large or small, fitted or unfitted all kitchens must work well, we can help you design a kitchen that compliments you and your lifestyle.


Flapjacks – swap a spoonful of sugar for honey

With the Easter holidays approaching at Sanctuary we thought you might enjoy a time saving recipe for some mouth-watering flapjacks which are made with honey instead of sugar.  These are a great treat for the whole family.


Tips to make your kitchen feel and look bigger

At Sanctuary Kitchens, our expert designer, Kate Diss can provide clients with a luxury kitchen whatever the size. When it comes to small kitchen spaces, she has used her 30 years experience in the industry to provide us with some top tips to consider when thinking about your new kitchen space.


Which sink is best for your kitchen?

The kitchen sink is the one feature in your home that is used most often. It is important for washing hands, rinsing vegetables, cleaning up afterwards and so much more – it’s something you will use every day so which sink to choose is a key decision in your kitchen design. The kitchen sink is also available in many different sizes and materials so it is definitely worth thinking about when you design your kitchen.