Energy Saving and Efficient Dishwashers

Energy Saving and Efficient Dishwashers

Today’s dishwashers are efficient, space friendly and visually pleasing.  They save energy and time, plus result in a more thorough clean than washing by hand.  Once people have owned a dishwasher and enjoyed the benefits they never want to go back to being without one.

Dishwashers are now seen as an essential household appliance.  For busy families they are used every day saving valuable time and helping to keep the kitchen clear from dirty dishes.

Sleek Design

Whether choosing a free standing, semi integrated or full integrated model all can create a sleek and seamless design to a kitchen.  Regardless of the overall kitchen design the wide choice of dishwashers now available will compliment a modern contemporary layout, classic or traditional style.


Features now available with the latest models include:

  • Easy to clean controls
  • Versatile internal storage with adjustable heights to accommodate larger items and glasses
  • Handless kitchen solutions such as Miele’s knock2open – by knocking on front panel the dishwasher automatically opens
  • LED lighting to help load and unload easily
  • Miele’s patented cutlery tray allows easy separate loading with an adjustable design to load larger items such as whisks for improved cleaning


Energy Saving & Efficient

Consumers now favour more energy efficient appliances, which is matched by the product development teams at manufacturers like Miele.  Maintaining the highest wash performance is aligned with cleaning efficiency, energy consumption, water usage and design.  Consumers need to be mindful to not overfill their dishwasher to gain the best performance from them.

The initial investment for a dishwasher is offset by the savings on electric when selecting ECO programmes and water bills over its lifetime saving thousands of litres of water per year.

Space Saving

Many people still feel their kitchen is too small to allow space for a dishwasher.  There is now however, a much wider choice of slim line, compact, countertop and drawer models.  These allow efficient use of space particularly in compact kitchens and can make a kitchen feel less cluttered.  Manufacturers have also redesigned the internal layout to allow flexibility for washing varied crockery, glasses and pans.

If space allows there is growing trend for multiple dishwashers in the kitchen.  Kitchens are now more than somewhere just to cook, having the ability to quickly store dirty dishes out of sight is appealing.  For those that entertain regularly multiple dishwashers reduce the amount of washing and clearing up.  For consumers planning to have two dishwashers they are best placed together in the kitchen area where they can store pans and dishes quickly.

Quiet Appliances

With the rise of open plan kitchens and living spaces quieter appliances are an important consideration when purchasing them.  If entertaining friends or family no one wants to hear a loud dishwasher running in the background interrupting the conversation.  Miele’s dishwashers are quieter than a normal conversation, running at low noise levels from 41dB (A) whilst still cleaning your dishes well.

Connected home

With the demand for convenience within the home consumers are increasingly requesting connected appliances that allow more convenience.  Miele’s wi-fi-enabled dishwashers now have smart technology allowing consumers to control their dishwasher from their smartphone using the miele@mobile app.

Live demonstrations of dishwashers is useful to consumers, even the younger generation prefer to purchase instore rather than online.  At Sanctuary Kitchens & Bathrooms we want you to experience appliances in a live working kitchen.  As a premium Miele supplier pop into our Surrey showroom to view the function and form of Miele appliances.

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