Monochrome Kitchens

Monochrome designs are based on using tones of black, white and grey or shades of one colour.  Implementing a monochrome design into a kitchen will automatically create an impact.  For a pop of colour introduce a bold accent in yellow, green, red or aqua blue.

This design will work in any home from a period property with a traditional shaker kitchen, to an apartment with an edgy industrial kitchen.  Contemporary or classic monochrome kitchens provide a fresh and inviting space.

Black and white will suit any space regardless of the size of the kitchen.  Even though it can be considered a safe colour combination this classic colour palette can be used in a minimalistic, traditional or unique striking kitchen design.  The choice of design options are endless from simplistic white units with strategic pops of black to a bold orange toned kitchen.

Is black the new white?  Whether traditional or modern the trend for black kitchens continues to grow.  Far from making the space dark it can create a chic and elegant space and look less functional in multi functioning rooms.  Bring balance with lighter tones, textures and lighting.

If monochrome in black and white feels too stark consider shades of grey which work well with other colour tones.  Texture can also soften the design with a wide choice of marble, veined and grained quartz worktops or wood worktops featuring subtle grains with options of light or dark stains.

Here are a few tips when considering a monochrome kitchen.

Modern Space

For a modern space consider white handless units to create a streamlined looked throughout the room.  Dependent on the light in the room and overall effect, consider gloss, matt or textured door finishes.  This can be offset with a darker toned worktop such as Silestone’s negro stellar quartz or Spekva’s brasilica safari if a deeper texture is desired.

Welcoming Family Space

A two tone space also works well for family kitchens, consider easy to clean textures throughout the room.  Valuable storage is a much needed priority in the family kitchen to keep worktops clutter free.  A seamless design with built in appliances either in classic, traditional or modern style will work well.

Open Living Space

With open living spaces a monochrome design needs to flow seamlessly throughout each space.  Using the kitchen as the basis for the overall design once the colour tones and textures are established all other elements can then follow.  If white units are selected on the walls, a second tone can be used on a feature island to make an elegant contrasting statement in the room.  Include striking lighting to accessorise the design theme such as darker pendant lights, luxury bar stools and feature furniture.  Soft furnishings and decorations can add an accent colour throughout allowing flexibility to change these seasonally.

Compact Space

When working with a compact space utilise one of the colour tones more than the other.  A dominant white scheme will work in a dark room but consider darker tones if there is plenty of natural daylight with touches of white.  To bring in the secondary colour tone use accessories from lighting, kettles, utensils, chopping boards to statement shelving.


Statement Walls & Floors

With all the focus on choosing kitchen furniture and appliances the walls and floor can often be overlooked in the design.  To add a bold hint to the monochrome kitchen and avoid the space feeling flat statement tiles can be incorporated to either the walls as a splashback or to the flooring.  Installing patterns adds texture and design just remember to keep the surrounding area plain and simple.

Tiles now come in a wide array of sizes and designs and can be used in various striking configurations.  From classic chequerboard floors, large floor tiles which can appear seamless with minimal grout lines to statement on trend geometric designs.  To keep the design continuity match the tone of the floor tiles and worktops to retain a fluid monochrome style.

Wall tiles are now available in many graphic patterns.  From the classic metro tile which can be laid out in a traditional, offset or herringbone design to statement feature tiles which add impact to an otherwise neutral room.  A bold pattern or colour to the wall provides the finishing touches to a kitchen design.

Creating spaces around individuals is at the core of Sanctuary Kitchens & Bathrooms.  Designing, supplying and installing kitchens utilising high quality furniture, worktops, appliances and finishes.  Contact Kate or visit the Surrey kitchen showroom in Shepperton to gain inspiration for your next kitchen project.

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