Saucepans or Steam Oven…you decide

Imagine you’ve prepared all your vegetables for your dinner party you’ve got saucepans for your potatoes, steam saucepans for your vegetables and not to mention all the steam coming from all the boiling pans. Stop! All this could be eliminated by installing a steam oven in your kitchen.

No washing up of saucepans, just flat perforated stainless steel trays, which are much easier to fit in the dishwasher.

Steam cooking retains the vitamins, texture and colour in your vegetables. Steam ovens are ideal for vegetables, fish, rice, pasta, tender cuts of meat, desserts and much more.

Miele steam ovens generate the steam outside the oven cabinet which gives considerable advantages for the cooking process – ideal steam quantity, optimum temperature, volume-independent cooking times as well as rapid heating. This also means limescale can’t build up in the oven, so cleaning is quick and easy.

Steam cooking with a Miele steam oven allows you to cook large quantities at once, saving time and energy. There are three levels you can cook on which means simultaneous cooking of different types of food can take place without the transfer of flavours. The oven comes with a light water container making refilling simple and convenient.

Here’s a quick list of how your steam oven can be used:

  • Cooking vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, yoghurt, soups
  • Reheating dishes
  • Sterilising baby bottles
  • Defrosting food
  • Proving dough
  • Melting chocolate
  • Skinning tomatoes, nectarines, almonds
  • Blanching and Preserving


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