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Dekton Kitchen Worktops

Sanctuary Kitchens knows that one of the many dilemmas for its clients is choosing a kitchen work surface. With so much to choose from it is good to have a helping hand.

Sanctuary Kitchens have a wide choice of kitchen worktops available for its clients, including Cosentino which manufactures Dekton worktops along with the well-known Silestone worktops. Dekton provides a great alternative to granite or quartz worktops.  Cosentino developed this innovative and unique material which combines quartz, porcelain and glass.

Dekton is produced by creating an accelerated version of the metamorphic change that natural stone undergoes when subjected to high temperatures and pressure over thousands of years. This process results in the creation of Dekton an ultracompact worktop which is similar to ceramic stone but with the benefits of a scratch resistant, non-porous resilient worktop – ideal for everyday use in your kitchen.

Dekton worktops provide the potential for a seamless design and installation by Sanctuary Kitchens, worktops can be provided in one piece avoiding the need for cuts and joints due its size (3200 x 1440 mm) and lightness.

Why Dekton worktops are ideal for Kitchens:

  • Over 20 colours to choose from suiting any design and colour scheme – with the assurance of long lasting product that won’t fade over time
  • Option of three different thicknesses 8, 12 and 20 mm to suit your desired design and effect
  • Resistance to everyday use from virtually zero water absorption to fire and heat hot pots can be placed directly onto Dekton without the worry of damage
  • Stain resistant – with no resin content avoiding damage by household chemicals and stubborn stains from wine, coffee and rust all easily removed
  • Highly scratch and abrasion resistant

Dekton worktops have the quality you would expect but with the bonus of not needing a lot of care and upkeep maintaining a clean surface that can cope with stains and the daily food preparation in the kitchen.

To see the full benefits of Dekton visit the Sanctuary Kitchens showroom in Shepperton for more information or alternatively call us on 01932 252555 to book an appointment with our designers.

Working collaboratively with its clients Sanctuary Kitchens help create a new kitchen design and installation that suits your family’s needs with a look and feel that is right for you.