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Sanctuary Kitchens believe in design and functionality when creating kitchens for its clients, this includes offering the latest ideas in kitchen technology.


A current kitchen must have is a Quooker tap, made in the Netherlands the unique Quooker taps are the world’s first boiling water taps. Sanctuary Kitchens have a working Quooker tap for clients to view and test drive so why not pop into our Showroom in Shepperton to see the benefit of this revolutionary product.


Sanctuary Kitchens clients who have installed Quooker taps never to want to be without them, they offer so much than a traditional tap. Quooker taps provide the convenience of instant hot water whether you are making a cup of tea or coffee, boiling an egg, making pasta or cleaning your pans boiling – hot water is on tap.


Quooker taps dispense filtered and purified boiling water through a tank positioned underneath the kitchen sink which is connected to your main water supply and powered electrically. Sanctuary Kitchens can help clients integrate Quooker taps within their overall kitchen design as well as installing the tap and tank so that its clients can enjoy the benefit of instant hot water.


Quooker taps also offer efficiency:


  • Quookers insulated high-vacuum tanks save clients energy bills
  • Standby consumption is only 3p per day for Quooker taps
  • Quooker taps are 60% more efficient than other boiling water taps
  • Awarded energy label A
  • Childproof handles and insulated sides ensure Quooker taps are never too hot to handle
  • Safety is considered with the water flow a fine spray rather than solid jet


Sanctuary Kitchens can help its clients choose the right Quooker tap for them, whether they are looking for a multi-functional design such as the Quooker Fusion tap which is a single tap for hot, cold and boiling water. Alternatively single boiling water taps in a choice of styles to suit your design or Quooker’s matching boiling water and mixer taps.


To view the full Quooker tap range click here.


Sanctuary Kitchens know that for many no kitchen is complete without a Quooker tap, call us today on 01932 252555 to book a free consultation with our kitchen designers to begin your kitchen journey.