At Sanctuary Kitchens we understand how important the kitchen is in the family home. Whether gathering together in the morning eating breakfast or catching up after a long day at work. With all the daily wear you want a surface that isn’t difficult to keep clean and remains damage free.


Sanctuary Kitchens design and install kitchens for the long term, selecting suppliers that provide robust but stylish products. This is why Sanctuary Kitchens is a supplier of Silestone quartz worktops, this high quality material is made from 94% beautiful durable quartz which offers both beauty and practicality.


Why not book an appointment today with Sanctuary Kitchens where one of designers can guide you through the many styles and choices available to create the perfect kitchen sanctuary for you.


Silestone offers all the features you would expect from a kitchen work surface:

  • Silestone has over 65 unique colours offering colour consistency that can’t be achieved through granite to suit whatever style you wish to design
  • Silestone is strong, hard wearing and highly scratch resistant which you would expect from quartz one of the toughest minerals in nature
  • Silestone comes with a 25 year warranty
  • Silestone has hygienic properties we know that kitchens can be a breeding ground for germs, Silestone contains unique bacterial protection making it virtually maintenance free
  • Silestone is non-porous providing protection from daily spillages such as food, wine, coffee all easily cleaned away leaving a stain free work surface in your kitchen


For more details visit the Sanctuary Kitchens showroom in Shepperton or view the Silestone website.


Sanctuary Kitchens can incorporate Silestone worktops within your new kitchen design, offering flexibility to kitchen worktops, islands, backsplashes and more. Silestone also comes in range of textures – polished giving the elegant smooth feel of natural stone, volcano which has a more rugged yet soft surface and suede a luxurious textured finish.


The possibilities for your new kitchen are endless, Sanctuary Kitchens believe in designing kitchens that withstand the test of time an investment for the future, call us today on 01932 252555 to embark on your new kitchen.