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If you find yourself bewildered by the large amount of choices in kitchen styles, finishes, textures and colours here at Sanctuary Kitchens we can help design your ideal kitchen.


Visit Sanctuary Kitchens showroom in Shepperton where we can show you a wide choice of colours, materials and finishes to inspire you as you start planning for your new kitchen.  Alternatively call us on 01932 252555 to arrange a free consultation where one of our designers will take a detailed brief to offer new ideas to tailor a kitchen around your lifestyle.


In recent years there has been a popular trend for mix and match kitchen designs allowing people to create individual kitchens adding interest through texture, material and colour. This design suits any kitchen style you wish to achieve whether traditional, classic or modern.


Introducing wood into your kitchen design can bring a warm natural feature to your room scheme that works in both traditional and contemporary styles. As a natural material wood brings character as it develops overtime.  Sanctuary Kitchens have sourced a beautiful selection of wood worktops from Spekva who are among Europe’s leading worktop manufacturers, with all worktops individually tailor made for our clients.


Spekva worktops come in a variety of thicknesses, stave-orientations and edge profiles adapting to your specific needs. Spekva pride themselves in good craftsmanship which is reflected in the high quality of the worktops, offering a 30 year warranty against faults and changes which are not caused by the wood’s natural life.


  • Spekva hand pick the wood utilised in their worktops so that they will last year after year
  • Spekva have 17 varieties of wood worktops available to clients all showing natures diverse textures and colours from ash, oak, cherry, brasilica safari and many more – click here to see Spekva’s full range
  • Spekva solid wood worktops will give you pleasure for many years with quick and easy maintenance
  • Wood contains natural enzymes and tannins which destroy bacteria, Spekva create naturally hygienic worktops for your kitchen


Sanctuary Kitchens like you wish to look after the environment which was another reason for selecting Spekva who value the need to protect our climate as a member of both the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and Rainforest Alliance. All wood worktops from Spekva are FSC-certified providing a positive ecological balance.


Worktops are an integral part of your kitchen, both functional and complementary to your design. At Sanctuary Kitchens we can offer you a wide selection of styles and finishes call us today on 01932 252555 to see how we can help you bring your kitchen to life.